A Bit About Ben Vezzani

A full-stack LAMP developer with specialized experience building and maintaining very large, object-oriented systems in PHP with various MVC frameworks, and Java with Spring. I've dealt a lot with small clients and large companies for both internal tools and customer-facing services. Every client has different needs, and approaching them has given a fairly well-rounded set of skills on the web. Despite my Framework below allowing MongoDB as a database option, almost all of my experience is with relational databases in MySQL, and MySQL is the first database I consider when starting a new project.

A few experiments that I'm willing to publicly admit to:

A note: These are experimental and the current intended purpose of them is continued development and experiments. If you want to build an MVC Application in PHP Right Now then please go look at something like CodeIgniter. Vone was built out from an MVC pattern and set of classes that I commonly use for personal and professional projects that do run in production, but fleshing it out into something resembling a proper framework has been a side-project that hasn't gotten the time it deserves.

Some things built or worked on for happy employers: